Summer Camp at the Sport Centre of the 15th district of Budapest 

part 1

Budapest is the capital of Hungary in the Middle-East of Europe. A beautiful old city which is divided into two parts, Buda and Pest, by the river Danube ( Duna in Hungarian, Donau in German ). Buda is full of hills and mountains, Pest is totally flat. This rare phenomena of nature,  gives Budapest an amazing  and most attractive, duality of views from both Pest and Buda. The night life provides even more beauty as the sparking lights of the bridges, the Castle of Buda, the Parliament, The Gellert hill, the statue of Liberty and the distinct churches, all compose a background accenting the many clubs and city streets, filled with tourists. I love walking or driving close to the river at both west and east banks and one of the greatest experience for me is to walk through the bridges. Additionally, what is really awesome is to appreciate the whole city from the vantagepoint of the sky, departing or landing by plane at night.


I have travelled a lot, to destinations around the globe thus I can proudly and with confidence say that Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I have been living here for 5 years and I love it. I’ve come to appreciate the architecture of the buildings, the fantastic parks, the always busy fashion streets, as well as the diverse night; classic concerts, extraordinary bands, solo Musicians, as well as colorful street performers. Budapest’s history, plays out in this energetic and lively combination of culture and art that all enhance the enjoyment of just being here. I mostly walk, often big distances or sometimes I’ll ride my bycicle to best take it all in. The wonderful riggling fronts of the buildings, the sculptures, the flora, the water, even the spirited life itself. The well designed public transport allows you to get from one point to another easily and quickly. So, as you might imagine Budapest, the city, is difficult to leave.


Budapest has 23 districts. I live close to the 15th district near many schools and sport facilities and in the summer time a huge Sport Camp is open for use by the kids of this district.

When I visited it, I was amazed. Located on 5 hectare ( acre ) territory, children till the age of 14 have the opportunity to camp there every summer holidays from June till the end of August. You can find a lot of pitches and fields of many sports as well as buildings for inner activities and programmes.

In one of these buildings, I discovered two foosball tables, both of poor quality but with a little effort playable. I saw this as a great opportunity to develop a training program and maybe even small competitions for the local children. Not just for fun, or to develop technical and physical skills but also one to develop life skills of strong moral and mental attitudes as well.

When I first arrived, 16 enthusiastic children were already playing. They were having so much fun playing that I, as a teacher, knew I would have less than 2 minutes of talk. I quickly introduced myself and captured their attention by explaing how I would organizing a competition among them right away. I quickly went over the rules and explained how I would act as referee. This way not only could I teach them proper rules and etiquette but I would also see them play and be able to help them with tips to improve their skills.  I then challenged them by asking if they had heard of or knew the meaning to THE WINNERS QUOTE; ’Be humble in victory and if you must lose do so with dignity”. Using this I further elaborated, explaining how not be upset or sad should you experience a loss. Instead to learn the importance of giving ones very best effort. Then if and when one loses with a full effort to get motivation from it, learn where you could have done better and be better next time. If your hard efforts result in winning, do not be arrogant. Be happy of your success but continue to learn and to practice in order to keep your victorious ways.

…to be continued…

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