part 3

If you play foosball, only the game is important. Only how partners in a team can play together, how they can strenghen the team spirit or the opposite.  It doesn’t matter who you play with or against. Only the ball and the aim is important, to score and reach the given goal score. To win before the opponent does it. In this game only the goals, the skills and the minds compete with each other. This focus or disconnect from outside influences can be a bridge to learning to accept others, different from us.

I would often stand by the table and show them a pass or a shot which they soon started to imitate. I really enjoyed their attention and their attempts and the happiness when they did execute the pass or shot properly. With each compliment, their eyes sparkled, searching for my eye contact and waiting for my encouraging look. The more I gave them attention, the more focus and the better games I brought out from them. It was that simple.

We often got new players who wanted to join us, as well. When they started to play and did any movements against the rules, I didn’t even have to say a word. The other kids helped by them telling the rules. I was continually amazed, always smiling, always proud.


I also had some girls to play, too. They were always around but too shy and unconfident to play. Of course, I made eventually got them to play, strengthening their confidence by giving the example of myself being a champion as a woman. They played really well, I could say better than most of the boys. So for the future I do intend to get more and more girls to play.

…to be continued…

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