part 4

The kids kept asking me ’when and against who they will play next”? I decided to hang the DKO (Double Knock Out, Double Elimination) chart on the wall next to the rules. I explained how to understand the chart and soon they could check it without any questions.

The closer we got to the finals, the more they started to use the time-outs. Due to the excitement of the close matches, the focus and the adrenaline rush made their hands not only sweaty but shaking too. At these 30 seconds time outs, we made some excercises and streches to clear the air, to get rid of stress and focus on the next ball even more.



The finals were always really close and amazingly exciting. We all enjoyed the games and both the winners and the runner-ups were happy to get their certificates.

Rewarding is very important for kids. To play for any rewards gives them extra competitive veins and concentration. Always figure out something you can give them.

As summer time is finished, the camp is over. My goal is to develope foosball trainings during the semesters and organize tournaments for them as well. Working on this project gives me extra strength power and I intend to make foosball grow in Hungary, faster and faster, and to give our sport many great champions and players the diverse night life in the future.

– THE END – of this report

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