TOP TIPS for training children


Short version from the 4-part-report:

– Keep it fun. 

– Respect the table, the game, your partners, your opponents. 

– Don’t talk too much beforehand, get straight into the competition or activity. 

– Emphasise the importance of giving ”ones best effort”. 

– Teach that Perfect Practice makes the Master. First „learn to do things the correct way” then „practice diligently”! 

– Teach the THE WINNERS QUOTE; Be humble in victory and if you must lose do so with dignity”.  

– Encourage young people to respect and encourage others while focusing on their own skills. 

– Partners must encourage each other, this is how teamwork works. 

– Teach the principal:

Rather encourage your team than discourage the opponents team. 

– Make sure everyone is included. Often the girls will be shy and need extra encouragement but once you get them involved they can be just as good, sometimes better than the boys. So encourage the girls as well as the boys so as to instill confidence in both genders. 

– Give them ownership (choosing team names, filling in tournament charts etc.). 

– Use and refer to the short version of the rules:

(see Basic Rules 

– Make them use ”Time-outs”. Teach them how to release stress and stretch the muscles.  

– Have prizes for winning. Also, a certificate for each young person keeps motivation up.


Written by Petra Koncz (multiple Foosball World Champion)

Petra Koncz - member of the ITSF Education Commission 2014

Petra Koncz – member of the ITSF Education Commission 2014

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