Ready to go to the Spanish Open

A little break after managing the foosball tent at the Sziget Festival this year, I am proudly announcing that I got an invitation to Spain from Juan Isidro Gotor, the manager of Val Futbolines. With Mr Gotor’s current managing, the company has been manufacturing special handmade Foosball tables called ’Val’ since 1947. The tables are really spectacular as they are totally different than any other I have ever met. The tables and also the rules are different than the accustomed ITSF standards. Just to mention one important difference which is the line-up, where the forward rod consists of 4 men and the middle rods consist of 3 men. Just imagine… (1-2-4-3-3-4-2-1) How cool and exciting!!!

It was a really beautiful day on 11th August, on my Birthday, when I got the mail from Juan who kindly invited me to attend at their Spanish Open Championship on 13th-14th November in Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza). The tournament will have five events: singles and doubles events, mixed doubles and juniors can challenge for the victories of the cathegories.


While I was supervising the foosball tent at the Sziget Festival from 10th-17th August, I excitedly started to read Juan’s e-mail on my B-day. To attend at a tournament in Spain has been one of my dreams for many years so of course, I accepted Mr Gotor’s invitation shortly after. Since we started to correspond, we have had a lot of discussion about the ’Val’ table, the rules and everything else what is going on in Spain, in Hungary and around the world.

I can’t wait to leave for Spain in the following days and experience the country in flesh. I am looking forward to attend at the Spanish National Championship, meet Mr Gotor, the person who keeps foosball alive in Spain and all the other Spanish players.

I am proud to represent my country, Hungary and our sport, FOOSBALL in Spain next weekend!!!

See you all soon by the foosball tables!!!

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