memorable experiences from Spain (November 2015)

part 1

I finally have some time to sit down and write about my experiences I gathered in Spain two weeks ago. In Spain, I didn’t have time to write as I had a lot to do and didn’t want to spend my golden hours sitting in front of my laptop. After getting back home, I decided to write my memories as soon as possible but I also had to catch up with my job, with my English classes at school additionally, I moved in to a new flat so I was completely busy. My stuff is piled up around me but I forced myself to sit down in this storagelike mess and start to write. I can’t postpone it any longer so let’s get back to Spain right away…

To visit Spain has been one of my dreams since the first time I met Spanish people. David and Carlos were my Erasmus mates in Austria back in 2004 where we had loads of fun together. I heard a lot of great things about Spain from them so since then it has been my plan to go and see this country and meet its people, mixing with attending a foosball tournament. When I got the invitation from Juan Isidro Gotor, the manager of the ’VAL’ Futboline Factory in Zaragoza, I just couldn’t wait for the time to get on board and then land in Barcelona.

I arrived at the airport late at night at 22.35. The meeting was at the arrivals but as I didn’t find Juan there, I went outside to breath in some Spanish air. I walked out in a lively way, observing the palm trees around and soon after, I got to see Juan waiting for me inside so I entered the building again and greeted him.

We hopped in the car and were driving in Barcelona for a while so I had the chance to see something from Barcelona,too. I loved the architecture very much, Antoni Gaudí had left awesome sights for the later generations. I was really amazed of the balconies of one of his houses I need to share with you:

gaudi balcony house

and we also stopped at the Sagrada Familia church which is the most popular landmark there. I really loved that huge church and I definitely enjoyed getting lost in the details of it:


We walked around the “cathedral” many times and shared my thoughts about it with Juan. I could have stayed there for hours but as it was pretty late we drove on to Zaragoza. We talked through the drive and said good bye late at almost 3am after we had got home. I got my own room and bathroom and went happily to bed.

…to be continue…

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