Training kids for Foosball – France

Like by most sports, it’s preferable if you start it at an early age. Same with Foosball. Just a little trick and the short kids can play, as well.

I would like to introduce you all to the club in Orleans, 120 km far from Paris where kids are enjoying the development of many areas while playing. In France, people play on the table called Bonzini. It is the only table which is totally different from all existed ones. It has telescopic rods, tall figurines which legs have the weight so the figurines always have the vertical position. They used to play with cork balls which made the game more vivid. Nowadays, they play with a special ball, similar to the other competition ones, its material is of course secret, made of rubber and aluminium.

Keep up the good job in France, as well and special thanks for Thireau Emmanuel for the pics.




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